Working From Home – The Good and the Bad

For many, working in an office is a dream. For others, an annoyance. For those that have the ability to choose or at least work out an arrangement with their employer, there are some negatives and positives to weigh up when it comes to working from home, which we will discuss here.


Getting Distracted

The most obvious negative is not being able to focus on work when you’re at home. Your TV nearby, your kids or partner wanting to “just ask a quick question” or “hang out for a little bit”, some housework that needs doing…all these things can replace the distractions of the office. If you’re the kind of person who’s good at setting boundaries and avoiding these kinds of distractions during your ‘work hours’, this may not be applicable to you, but having a dedicated office space and an understanding with those at home that you’re not to be disturbed can go a long way.


Disconnecting from Co-workers

Those passing chats you have with your co-workers will be gone. For some people this isn’t a bad thing, but staying across what’s happening in other areas of the organisation, remaining front-of-mind for other opportunities and just the general social interaction and banter that can make work-time pass more quickly are all things you may be giving up.


No More Commute

Whether you take public transport or drive in to work, being able to roll out of bed later, get ready for the day and start working immediately is a great plus. Saves money and the time you gain can be spent in whatever manner you prefer. Sleeping in later may even make you more productive!


A Place to Focus

If you have a dedicated work area at your home where you can be free from the distractions at home, your productivity can vastly improve. No more people walking up to you for a chat or to ask questions they could probably answer themselves, no general office noise, no fire drills and so on.


Whether you’re gunning for a work-from-home arrangement, or considering one but not sure if it would work for you, it pays to summarise all the pros and cons and look at it from an overall perspective, instead of taking one of the facets of the arrangement and running with it with the blinkers on.


Employers, Veridian Solutions are experienced in setting up contact centre solutions that allow your agents to work from home. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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