Workforce Optimisation

Cloud Workforce Management

Your contact volumes aren’t static all day so why should staffing levels be? Achieve balance in employee needs, customer satisfaction, and cost containment by ensuring the right agents with the right skills are available at the right time. By matching demand to your scheduled workforce, Veridian Cloud Workforce Management assists you in creating the best-case staffing scenario.

Features include:

  • Accurately forecasts customer demand with Workforce Management software
  • Scheduling and managing staff effectively
  • Empowering your employees to participate with self-service

For all your Workforce Management needs you should select Veridian Cloud Workforce Management. This web-enabled software simplifies the complex task of forecasting and scheduling, provides performance management and eLearning capabilities, and eliminates the expense and administrative burden of thick-client solutions. With Veridian Cloud Workforce Management, you can reduce costs by staffing appropriately to meet your workload, drive business growth and operational excellence, and improve employee effectiveness and retention.

Workforce Optimisation
Calls. Emails. Web forms. Surveys. Mobile apps. Today’s contact centre is going far beyond its call centre foundation to become the hub of an enterprise, multichannel customer experience strategy.
Regardless of the ways in which customers conduct their interactions with the contact centre, they still want personalised, efficient and secure service – delivered by knowledgeable, skilled employees. That’s where Veridian can help. The software and services enable contact centres and other areas of the enterprise to capture and analyse customer interactions across multiple communication channels, then use this information to uncover trends and sentiments, improve staffing and performance, minimise risk and fraud and optimise the customer experience.

The Workforce Optimisation suite of applications includes:

  • Call Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Quality Management
  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • eLearning and Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Customer Experience Surveys
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

A fine-tuned and optimised Contact Centre cannot function without some or all of the above.

Find out more about our best-of-breed solutions today. You will be amazed at our depth of experience, contact us to discuss more!


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