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Gain efficiencies using Genesys iWD

When you strip things back, whether an agent is taking calls or responding to emails, work is work. By adopting this mentality and seeing where front-of-house principles can be applied to back-of-house functions while still keeping in mind there are indeed key differences, Genesys have developed the business application iWD (intelligent Workload Distribution).

iWD has been created to solve the common problems found with back-office tasks, allowing an agent or administrative staff to have workflow tasks sent to them (‘pushed’) using complex algorithms that ensure your SLAs are met, the agent’s skills are checked against and that work is not cherry-picked or ignored as is regularly the case in ‘pull’ environments.

iWD Flow

Features include:

  • Transparency and fairness across all processes and teams.
  • Tasks automatically delivered to the best available agent or other resource, within SLAs.
  • Routing strategies applied to workflow tasks, that build the smarts around who is to do which work using which channel, when and why.
  • Streamlining of an otherwise manual process which requires monitoring to ensure work is not left undone.

Veridian Solutions, as a proud Genesys partner, can offer the expertise required to scope and implement iWD into your environment and tailor it to meet your business needs, along with providing best practise processes involved in getting the most potential and ROI from this best-of-breed application.

You will be amazed at our depth of experience, contact us to discuss more!

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