Moving to the Cloud

A Veridian Cloud Contact Centre solution can be a superior alternative to costly investments in IT hardware, maintenance and technical support and the challenges they bring.

It is for this reason that many businesses start considering replacing their current on-premise system with a cloud alternative.

But what other benefits does a move to the cloud present to businesses?

You Can Try it Out First

A Veridian Cloud solution allows you to start small to see the benefits of the cloud. Larger contact centres might start by moving one department or even one team onto the cloud, making observations and measurements, and then seamlessly rolling it out to the rest of their organisation.

Quicker to Deploy

Veridian Cloud Contact Centres can be deployed within a fraction of the time of traditional on-premise solutions. Without the need for hardware, onsite software support and training time, time to deploy no longer takes months or even years.

More Easily Scalable and Flexible

Naturally this also means that the turn around time for Verdian to work with you and scale your Cloud Contact Centre solution is also expedited, allowing you to address contact centre challenges via the cloud, in real time.

Zero Capital Expenditure

Veridian Cloud Contact Centres operate via monthly licenses and such a pay as you go software system allows businesses to avoid investment in infrastructure, otherwise known as a Cap-ex to the business.

Always Up to Date Technology

Not only is the capital expenditure of on-premise contact centres high, but future planning for when that very expensive investment in equipment, but also software goes End Of Life is a bugbear to business. Implementing a Veridian Cloud Contact Centre allows you to be sure that you are using and have instant access to the latest in contact centre technology at all times.

What Disaster? – Disaster Recovery

Running a contact centre in circumstances where your workforce could not get to their usual place of work for whatever reason is next to impossible with a traditional on-premise contact centre solution. Veridian Cloud Contact Centre solutions allow out clients to feel assured that should such an instance occur, that their call centre agents would be able to log in remotely from any place with an Internet connection.

Find out more about our best-of-breed solutions today. You will be amazed at our depth of experience, contact us to discuss more!

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