Home & Mobile Working

Veridian’s Cloud Contact Centre technology not only allows organisations to use the power of the cloud to provide flexible working solutions for work-from-home or mobile┬ácontact centre staff, but also gives them the ability to manage other teams in the field.

Home based call centre agents

Finding and retaining the best person for the job has driven organisations to embrace flexible working arrangements such as the at home, mobile or remote working of call centre agents.

Veridian’s Cloud Contact Centre technology allows businesses to have the same real time visibility of agent performance on site and off site, making managing an at home agent as straightforward as managing an agent who is physically present.

Sales and Service Teams in the field

When it comes to managing sales and service teams in the field there has been a strong reliance on mobile technology. Telephone conversation those staff are having with your client whilst are not being tracked and logged in the same way as other calls made using your contact centre technology. In addition to this Sales and Services agents often have to report twice, taking notes at the client site, which are then entered into a CRM at a later point.

Cloud contact technology allows those agents to take advantage of the organisations contact centre and CRM investment. Your Service and Sales workforce can use Veridian’s cloud contact centre solution as a telephony solution as well as an efficiency tool to report directly back into your CRM, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

Disaster Recovery – When a remote workforce is unavoidable

Whether or not you use your Cloud Contact solution for a home or mobile workforce it can become such a tool in times of need. During a disaster it may be necessary to move your contact centre agents to a new location or several new locations. Veridian’s Cloud Contact Centre solution allows such a scenario to be quickly and easily deployed.

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