Genesys Cloud contact centre software

Omni Channel Customer Engagement – Get up and running fast for long-term benefits with Genesys Cloud, previously known as PureCloud

Easy to deploy, Easy to use

An intuitive interface enables fast account setup and seamless integration with existing systems. No complicated training needed.

The power to grow

The Genesys Cloud platform gives you a flexible environment that instantly scales to meet peak demands. Meet evolving customer demands with continuous feature and capability updates.

Understand what’s happening

Interactive dashboards give you a consolidated view of customers, call center agents and interactions—across all channels and locations. Reap the benefits of proactive contact center analytics and insights.

Manage your people and systems

The intuitive analytics in the Genesys Cloud platform empower you with insights—from high level summaries down to customized and detailed views. Leverage these tools to develop and make the most of each employee.

Today’s contact centres are truly multimedia so that when a customer wants to get in touch with a business they can do so in the way that is most convenient to them. With Genesys Cloud ‘as-a-Service’ being the way forward, it couldn’t be easier to get enabled in no time.

Veridian Solutions have been pioneering dynamic omni-channel integrated, contact centres for many years and know how to make systems work together smoothly and efficiently to optimise business processes.

Ensuring that the customer interaction (in either direction) is both effortless and cost effective means that a solution has been provided that benefits all parties. This is Interaction Management Optimisation and something that is fundamental to any Veridian managed solution.

Better for your customers, better for your business

Give customers options

Customers have higher expectations than ever. Give them the choice of channel with chat, SMS, email or a call—and provide a consistent experience no matter how they engage you.

Trust and transparency

The last thing you need is for your contact centre software to fail. To ensure your platform is running smoothly, check the public-facing status page for live updates and proactive notifications.

Choose a no-risk solution

The Genesys Cloud contact centre platform is priced with flexible subscription options that match exactly what your business needs.

Find out more about our Genesys Cloud service today. You will be amazed at our depth of experience, contact us to discuss more!

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