Contact Centre Disaster & Crisis Recovery

Having a contact centre disaster recovery plan is an essential part of today’s contact centre business operations. Veridian assists businesses by providing contact centre solutions which address the main aim of disaster recovery, continuance of service to customers.

What is a Disaster or Crisis in Contact Centre Terms?

Here are some examples of situations that can, and do, regularly occur that necessitate having a contact centre disaster recovery plan in place:

  • Staff unable to get to workplace, natural disaster or otherwise.
  • Workplace damaged and inaccessible, and staff needing to work from temporary space.
  • Disastrous events related to your customers, thus increase in call volumes.
  • Customers who cannot reach you, or internal staff that cannot reach internal services, such as a help desk.

In a disaster many it’s natural for businesses to focus on recovering any assets lost during a time of disaster, but equally as important is the focus on continuance of service, for your call centre agents to be available to continue operations within your organisation and for the disaster to have the least possible impact to your business.

How do Veridian Handle Disaster Recovery

Veridian have a cloud contact solution which allows continuation of service during disaster recovery scenarios no matter where your contact centre agents are located, 24hrs a day. Veridian also offer a cloud option for disaster recovery for our on-premise customers so that they can use these services when their on-premise solution is unavailable.

Benefits of a Veridian Cloud Contact Centre Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Usage based pricing
  • Immediate activation
  • Agents can work from anywhere
  • User friendly, non-technical deployment

Find out more about our best-of-breed solution today. You will be amazed at our depth of experience, contact us to discuss more!

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