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Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Voice, Web, E-mail, SMS, Fax, Social Media, IVR, Virtual Assistant, Remote Agents. The list goes on. There is good reason why we don’t use the term call centre anymore. These days “contact centre solutions” is far more appropriate, as a telephone call is just one of many ways that customers can interact with an organisation.

Today’s contact centres are truly multimedia so that when a customer wants to get in touch with a business they can do so in the way that is most convenient to them. With Cloud Contact Centre ‘as-a-Service’ being the way forward, it couldn’t be easier to get enabled in no time.

The same is also true when a company wants to reach out to their customers or members. Yes, an outbound dialler is still a very effective way to talk to lots of people efficiently, but what about if it’s just a reminder about a bill that needs paying? Integrating SMS into your communications strategy is not only a cost-effective way of reaching customers, but also a convenient way to receive information.

Veridian Solutions have been pioneering dynamic omni-channel integrated, contact centres for many years and know how to make systems work together smoothly and efficiently to optimise business processes.

Ensuring that the customer interaction (in either direction) is both effortless and cost effective means that a solution has been provided that benefits all parties. This is Interaction Management Optimisation and something that is fundamental to any Veridian solution.

Interaction Management Solutions:

  • Web Chat / ChatBots
  • Social Media Routing
  • E-mail & SMS Routing
  • Social Media hook-ins
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Screen Pop
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Inbound Routing
  • Outbound Routing
  • Queue callbacks
  • Virtual Assistant


Insight Analytics

Real Time and Historic Reporting and Customer Survey

Having insight into what is happening in your contact centre and what your customers are experiencing is fundamental to increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Reporting can be considered the saviour of a contact centre environment or the greatest frustration for a business when they cannot get the visibility they want from their existing reporting tools.

Veridian Solutions recognise this need and have a range of solutions to ensure a business has access to real-time and historical reporting that is relevant, accurate and useful.

Being able to see when you are missing your grade of service or average handle time for a particular period is one thing, but being able to drill down into the individual interactions that have caused this has been very hard to achieve in the past. With Veridian Solutions not only can you do this, but you can also listen to the individual calls that contributed to the slip in service directly from the reporting tool.

  • Drill Down dashboard style reporting
  • Link to Call recording
  • Supports Drill Down Reporting Analysis of:
    • Queue
    • Group of Queues / Business Division
    • Route Points
    • Agents
    • Agent Groups / Teams
    • Skills / Call Types


Call and Screen Recording

Ensuring consistent service and quality of interactions with customers requires not only visibility of reporting but also the ability to record all calls. This feature could be used for quality monitoring or for legal reasons. Having the knowledge that these recordings are secure and accurate is fundamental to a successful solution.

We have a number of solutions addressing call recording and quality monitoring requirements, utilising some of the most respected and trusted brands in this market space.

Combining call recording with visibility of what agents are doing on the desktop using screen capture can result in one of the most efficient training mechanisms experienced in contact centres.

Why is an agent underselling?

Listening to a recording of an agents interactions and at the same time looking at what they are doing on screen enables team leaders and managers to identify potential training gaps. This also shows where the agent is struggling to navigate around an application, and relay the relevant information to the customer.

Send an example of a “good interaction” to the agent with a link to some relevant training material. This can be done in the time it takes to make a few clicks on the supervisors screen.

  • Full time recording
  • Record on demand
  • Screen Recording
  • Quality monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Speech Analytics


Workforce Optimisation

Workforce optimisation is all about providing insights into how a workforce is performing.

Workforce Management, the precursor to Workforce Optimisation , has a distinct emphasis on effectively managing the workforce and improving operational efficiency. WFO is a step on from this and ties workforce management into areas like customer experience and utilises other tools within the business to build a 360 degree view of how your workforce is performing, based on metrics you define.

By linking WFM, to call recording, to quality monitoring, customer feedback, training and eLearning, organisations can truly start to get a holistic view of how optimally their resources are performing.

  • Capture and analyse customer interactions.
  • Improve workforce performance.
  • Uncover business trends and competitive advantages.
  • Discover the root cause of customer and employee behaviour.
  • Make better decisions faster.
  • Connect your customer care operations more tightly with the rest of your enterprise.
  • Enhance customer service across your organisation.

Speech and Text Analytics

Speech and text analytics leverages customer interactions and analyses each one for critical business topics and events, with unmatched accuracy. The system precisely and completely looks for all topics discussed by customers and contact centre agents and then identifies and categorises exactly what took place within each interaction.

This tool is indispensable in centres with high interaction volumes, as it takes away the need for dedicated people to review correspondence. A manual process means that some things slip through the net. As a result valuable intelligence can go unheard and your business may forfeit opportunities that could have made a difference to customers and the bottom line.

Speech Recognition

Contact centres around the world rely on the speech enabled self service to automate a wide range of customer interactions. Speech self service systems are designed to increase customer service and reduce average handle time, at the same time reducing operational costs.

It is widely accepted that staff are the most expensive resource in the contact centre. With a well designed and executed speech self service solution it is possible to reduce the need for an expensive human resource to deal with simple enquiries when a natural speech interaction can provide an equal or more satisfactory outcome.

Done well, a speech solution can dramatically improve customer service and deliver amazing savings and efficiencies for businesses. However, when done badly your customers will not thank you for it.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Solutions are designed to help organisations create the integrated approach they need to turn social media into a real business benefit. They deliver the capabilities companies need to establish social media as a customer service touch point and ensure that companies capitalise fully on those efforts to deliver a satisfying customer experience.


  • Intelligent Routing, Business Rules and Reporting
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Twitter and Facebook
  • Integration with the Lithium community platform
  • Open social monitoring interface

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