Optimising Agent Desktops is Critical

With so much work being undertaken by agents on varying systems, it should come as no surprise that optimising agent desktops presents a huge opportunity. Increased efficiency and engagement, a better customer experience – the benefits are there. So, what are the areas you should look at?

Desktop Analytics

This should be your starting point – having a real-time view of what your agents are doing on their desktops can provide a wealth of information. Are agents getting stuck on a particular screen of a system? Are they keeping customers on hold while using social media? The findings from Desktop Analytics can be used clean up your processes and increase compliance. Having Desktop Analytics in place can also help you in validating the need to improve the areas we go into below.

A Solid Knowledge Base

Do you have a robust knowledge base in place? It’s one thing to put the customer on hold and have agents ask their peers or supervisors for clarification. It’s a quite another, and a much better customer experience, to provide agents with access to knowledge at their fingertips – direct from their desktop. Creating, implementing and maintaining a solid knowledge base cuts down AHT and reduces the need for customer transfers. It also provides employee engagement as they feel self-sufficient, able to handle their own jobs on their own.

Systems Integration

Agents needing to use multiple systems has many implications. Increased training time and costs, agent confusion, needing separate licenses, agent monitor space being used inefficiently, the list goes on. By integrating systems into each other you can reduce or outright eliminate many of these concerns. An example can be having one overall agent dashboard which incorporates elements of your Workforce Management system (shifts, breaks) and your telephony system (e.g. queue status). Having less places to look, get stuck in and be trained up in…the benefits are clear.


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