Speech Analytics as a Service

Speech Analytics as a service provides you with an on-demand solution that will allow you to tackle key challenges in your contact centre such as growing sales, reducing waste calls or improving quality and compliance. Using contact centre and analytics expertise we tell you both the scale of the problems and what you need to do to fix them.

‘Voice of the Customer’ Analytics

If you’re not analysing, you’re not listening!

Apply Speech Analytics to your contact centre voice interaction recordings

  • Unlock the root causes behind First Call Resolution failure, long talk times, customer dissatisfaction, sales effectiveness and many more issues.
  • Tackle quality and compliance costs by identifying ‘at risk’ calls for your team to monitor. Drive down compliance risk and provide more targeted feedback to advisers to enhance capabilities faster.

Apply Text Analytics to your non-voice interactions, social media communities and surveys

  • Get real-time visibility of what your customers are saying about you.
  • Rapidly react to new issues and prevent problems from going viral.
  • Scalable with a monthly pay-per-use model and expert consultants managing the program.
  • Hosted in an Australian tier 4 data centre with guaranteed system availability.

Ways to engage our services

  • Analytical snap shot – a one-off assessment of current conversations to look for key insights or concerns.
  • Scheduled Analytical reviews – on an agreed schedule, either quarterly, half yearly etc. The team performs regular Analytical assessments to keep you informed of what is happening with your customers.
  • Compliance checks – if you have PCI or legal concerns about the conversation happening in your contact centre our team can run scans and flag any recording of concern.
  • Customised engagement – our consultants can work with you to put together a tailored package to meet your needs.
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