Q – Why choose Veridian Solutions?

Answer – Veridian Solutions is an Australian based company that was established in 2003 and is privately owned & operated. We are highly experienced in delivering Contact Centre solutions based on best of breed technology platforms as well as our own suite of products developed by customer request to add value to these platforms.

Our customers range in size and operate in various market sectors. Over the years, we have managed long-term relationships with small businesses, large corporates and government departments. What sets Veridian apart from other vendors is:-

  • Our skills and experience
  • Our flexibility and responsiveness
  • Our ability to customise solutions to meet individual needs of our clients
  • Our industry and product expertise

Q – What is System Integration and what does it involve?

Answer – Systems integration is the process of linking together different computing systems and software applications, physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole. System integration is also about adding value to the system with capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems. In today’s connected world, the role of system integration engineers is becoming more and more important. More and more systems are designed to connect together, both within the system under construction and with systems that are already deployed. Veridian Solutions’ team consists of skilled engineers who understand the complex world of system integration. They have years of experience and a vast knowledge of the processes involved.

At Veridian Solutions, we offer system integration as one of our many services. To find out more about system integration services look under the Integration heading in the Products menu.

Q – How can Veridian deliver value to my business?

Answer – Your contact centre is your main customer interface – but is it really fulfilling your business needs? Has it met your expectations for return on investment and profitability? Has your contact centre kept a pace with the needs of your customers, the changing demographic, achieving customer engagement and driving satisfaction?

At Veridian Solutions, we know how to take you from a voice-only interaction environment, to a true Omni-channel CX operation. Contact Centre requirements are becoming more and more complex, with increasing demand for integration with BackOffice systems and processes, requiring a broader range of skills and experience on the part of the solution provider.

No two Contact Centre operations are the same. The Veridian approach therefore encompasses the full range of Contact Centre lifecycle scenarios, from pure performance appraisal through to wide-ranging technological, procedural and operational transformation. Whatever your situation, we can help you achieve your objectives through one or more of the following offerings:

  • Contact Centre Review
  • Consulting
  • Solution Design
  • Project Management

Some of the challenges that Veridian are experts in overcoming

Q – Can my Contact Centre Agents work from home?

Answer – This is one of the benefits of the Veridian Cloud Contact Centre. Interactions can be delivered to any location or any device (mobile phone, soft phone, land line, etc.) without any loss of functionality from a reporting, recording, or management perspective.

Q – Are calls recorded for my Agents who work from home?

Answer – The call recording is an integral part of the solution, delivered via the cloud. This means that calls are recorded regardless of your agents’ locations.

Q – Will I get access to new features or be able to try new functions as they are developed?

Answer – Again, another core benefit of the Veridian Cloud Contact Centre. Veridian encourages its customers to trial new features and functions (such as unified web-chat or SMS routing) to understand the benefits before committing to a full rollout. This allows you to “future proof” your technology investment while measuring the expected return on investment and customer experience improvements.

Q – Will there be system downtime or recurring maintenance windows?

Answer – Veridian maintain the solution to keep it current and issue-free. Because the solution is hosted in the cloud, our upgrades are scheduled to minimise downtime or impact to your organization’s interaction management. All downtime occurrences are carried out in consultation with our customers.

Q – How do you implement your solution? What kind of migration approach do you take?

Answer – To help ease your users into their new Cloud Contact Centre solution, we roll out in parallel to your existing system. Your agents will literally have their old and new equipment on their desk so that they can practice on the new system until it is time for the cutover. From a change management perspective this is a great way to get your agents comfortable before it goes live.

Q – How is your training performed?

Answer – Veridian provides training through a variety of methods to suit every preferred method of learning, including: classroom, web-based, quick tip-videos, and printable user guides. We find that from a change management perspective the best practice is to train the super-users in your environment leading up to the “go-live”, give them the ability to use the new technology on their own for a few days, and then provide on-site support the day the new system goes live. However, one size does not fit all, so Veridian always stay flexible to accommodate your ways of working.

Q – How do I make changes to my Contact Centre, such as changes to my greeting announcements?

Answer – During the implementation process, Veridian will set up your initial call routing according to the business requirements captured and documented. Whenever you need to make changes to your routing, your designated administrator can do so easily via our easy-to-use V-Suite Portal. These changes to your Contact Centre can be completed in just a few seconds, with the click of a mouse. For example, to change your greeting message, simply record a new message and upload the file. If you prefer not to have your administrator make the routing changes, you can submit a ticket to have a Veridian representative make the changes for you (subject to terms of the agreement)

Q – Can I see the real-time status of my queues?

Answer – We offer different tools for Contact Centre leadership to have real-time visibility into the queues and also the status and productivity of agents. Supervisor Dashboards, Wallboard displays and real-time monitoring are all part of the suite of applications available to run the operation effectively.

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