Self-Service Applications

Self-Service Applications, otherwise known as Interactive Voice Response software (IVR) allows customers to interact with a company’s contact centre solution via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition. Customers can self service inquiries, either by answering questions which will direct them to the correct internal department or having basic inquiries fully serviced by the self service application.

Veridian’s contact centre solutions include self service applications, which in turn seamlessly integrate with CRM’s such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. For more information on our contract centre and CRM solution integration please see our CRM page.

Advantages of Self Service/IVR’s

  • Easier for companies to handle large volumes of calls
  • Route calls to the correct department
  • Business savings on staff volumes
  • Reduce opportunity losses that occur when staff are needlessly handling irrelevant calls.

IVR’s and Call Back Functions

One of the more modern applications of Self Service Applications has been the increase of companies offering call back services. This function can be set to occur when call volumes are high and the customer is offered a call back from your organisation, taking stress off your contact centre agents and avoiding long hold times for customers. Combining call back with CRM records allows the contact centre agent to return the call with greater knowledge about the customer, and best prepares them to address their enquiry.

Other Uses for Self Service/IVR’s

Some organisations are using IVR’s as a reporting tool for their field staff. Staff in the field with data to report can call a number, input figures, which are stored in the CRM, along with other relevant records in Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, without having to speak to a contact centre agent. The power of such a tool when combined with a CRM, allowing for unified records and automated processes cannot be over estimated.

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