Contact Centre KPIs for 2018

It’s good practice to constantly review goals, processes and procedures in your contact centre, thus ensuring you’re staying current with the changing needs of your customers, but if you only make time to review one thing each and every year it should be the KPIs set throughout the centre. These drive the actions of staff and motivate them appropriately, creating far reaching impacts that all affect the customer and, in turn, your success as an organisation. We go through the Who and What of KPIs in the current landscape below.


Suggested KPIs



The front-line are especially critical to the organisation’s success as they directly interact with and influence customers.

While traditional KPIs such as conversion rate and adherence still have a place, with increasing focus being placed on CX as a source of competitive advantage, KPIs such as first call/contact resolution, quality score (derived via Quality Management activities) and customer satisfaction indicators (such as NPS) can help ensure you’re leading the field here.



Team Leaders/Managers

Directly overseeing the agents, this group need to ensure the front-line are hitting their KPIs, which can feed into their own but not always.

Similar to agents, there is still a place for traditional KPIs such as team performance (in terms of metrics such as AHT),  but focusing on KPIs linked to CX, such as customer retention rate and escalation rate and having these be accountable at this level will lead to happier customers.



Workforce Planning Team

This team is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the centre intra-day, along with setting it up for success in advance.

What: Depending on the structure of the team different members may require different sets of KPIs, but covering forecast efficiency (how close workload forecast is to actual), schedule efficiency (how close forecast requirements are met with schedules) and operational efficiency (how close # of FTE scheduled through the day matches the actual FTE requirement) at a minimum helps ensure your agents are available when your customers want them to be.



From here, depending on your position you may also want to review the KPIs of your VP/2iC, Quality Team and others. Doing so with the customer at the front of your mind is suggested.

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