What Interaction Analytics Can Do For You

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the time and energy to sit and listen to every single call that comes into or goes out of your centre, to read every customer email, look at every chat log and social media interaction and glean from them any information that can lead to better processes, agent development opportunities and finding hidden costs to AHT and potential revenue? Unfortunately the reality is even with a dedicated team going through large volumes of interactions is a time-consuming process. That’s where Interaction Analytics come in.

Interaction Analytics is the term used to describe technology that automatically analyses the interactions that your customers have with your organisation through voice, email, chat and social media channels, and gives you the valuable information that otherwise would have been missed due to lack of time, resources or attention to detail. Interaction Analytics is a proven method of improving customer relationships, which makes sense – there’s a wealth of knowledge in every interaction but getting what’s useful is the tricky part, a part made much easier by this technology. So what can it actually do for you? The short answer is – lots! It can:

  • Notify you of any usage of prohibited words or strings of words by agents, useful for managing compliance.
  • Convert interactions to text and store these for your own analysis.
  • Group interactions together based on key themes.
  • Highlight new and upcoming trends, for example a new competitor in the market being mentioned by multiple customers.
  • Find out about system issues early via customers, when they mention observations to your agents e.g. “Your website was down so I’m calling through…”

Interaction Analytics can even go to the next level, by working in real-time. Content can be analysed and converted as it comes in, then notifications can be sent to relevant stakeholders such as the Workforce Planning team or Team Managers based on trigger words or conditions.

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