How to Engage Millennials

As time goes on, Millennials make up a growing proportion of most organisation’s customer population. Why is it then that many organisations are continually failing to engage this segment of the market? Millennials have some key characteristics and understanding these is paramount to giving them the customer experience they’re after. Considering how much more likely this generation is to share their experiences through a multitude of platforms, getting this right is important.

They want convenience

Millennials want the right information, quickly. The same can be said of most customers, but Millennials in particular have come to expect speedy resolutions – having grown up around more advanced technology. Having a detailed FAQ section on your website, tools such as web-chat with a human agent or with chat bots, or fostering a community where customers can interact with and help each other all serve to meet this need.

They want a tailored experience

Being self-reliant means Millennials want to answer their query or solve their issue, their way. This means organisations need to offer a variety of channels, particularly those where self-service is achievable. Then, once they’ve connected with the organisation they expect that the organisation will treat them as more than a number. A great CRM system and processes that personalise the experience help here.


Engaging all your customers in the same way is a trap that is easy to fall into. Break down your organisation’s processes and ensure you’re customising them where it matters. When you do so, don’t forget the Millennials!

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