Customer Journey Mapping – A Crucial Piece

You may have heard the term ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ and thought “Hmm, that sounds like an interesting concept!” and left things there. However it is more than just a concept, it is a crucial piece of the CX puzzle, needed to ensure your organisation is leading the customer-centered charge dominating the market today. This post describes this piece in more detail.


What is Customer Journey Mapping exactly?

Customer Journey Mapping (CSJ) refer to the process of taking every single interaction between a business and its customers and mapping these out to understand what your customers and employees need and how your organisation can meet and/or currently does meet these needs. Like many business concepts, it is much easier to define than it is to implement well but, as a CX/EX-based initiative it is one worth nailing.


It’s all about perspective

Consider your function with your organisation and how CSJ can help it. Are you in marketing? A sales representative? A contact centre manager? The map you produce will look very different depending  on your perspective on the customer’s journey and how you can improve it. Setting a focused vision is important but so is realising that other areas will have different perspectives of the journey, this will help to frame your inputs. Similarly but more importantly, when creating your map you need to consider it from the perspectives of both the customer and the business and what each would get out of it and how they intertwine.


Channels channels channels

Different channels meet different needs of different audiences. As such creating a map that doesn’t factor different channel options in at all immediately puts you a step behind. Whether this refers to marketing channels, sales channels or contact channels the concept is the same – broaden your horizons or you limit opportunities.



There are heaps out there. Google to your heart’s content but be wary of over-stimulation and the temptation to  ‘copy-paste-edit’!

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