Channel Transitions – Be Seamless!

Customer Contact Week Digital recently released a fantastic Market Study, which we recommend taking the time to read through, however one key insight and its implications stuck out to us as worth posting about here.The study found that the most common complaint received by organisations according to those surveyed, is that “customers have to repeat information when transferring/calling back/switching channels”. Supporting this, a massive 54.9% of respondents answered “No” to the question “can your customers move between channels without repeating information?”. In this day and age, where integration is everywhere it astounds us that this is such a common complaint. As a business, there are ways to reduce the chance of this hurting your brand:



If you are aiming to move into a new channel, have the Customer Experience at the front of your mind. Map out the Customer Journey, factoring in potential sources of friction (such as repeating of information) to streamline the process as much as possible. As the cliche goes, failing to plan means you’re planning to fail.



Look at your existing customers and their ability to shift between channels, if this functionality exists. Do the channels “talk to each other” and provide customer details? If not, this is your starting point, you have a great opportunity to make your customers happier. If they do, is there room for improvement? We’re all customers with different organisations, put yourself in the shoes of those  contacting your organisation.


We are well and truly in the age of CX. Consistently pushing for the next way to make your customers happy will consistently push you to market leadership.

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