Why Call-Backs are Better than Voicemail

Having customers leave a voicemail vs maintaining their place in the queue then receiving automated call-backs can sound similar in terms of the experience they offer. However when we sit down and analyse the differences it’s clear that call-backs are a better solution – and this is not just for the customer. Let’s explore why.

A Superior Customer Experience

When a call-back service is implemented and the use of this communicated properly, customers can be confident that their issues will be resolved as quickly as if they waited on hold. Using a voicemail service does not provide the same level of reassurance. Without a well-thought out and constantly adhered-to process for responding to voicemails – the lack of reassurance is well-founded. Even with a tight process voicemail cannot be as efficient as if the customers were using call-backs. With customer experience being the number 1 source of competitive advantage in the current climate, having what’s best for the customer at the centre of all decisions that affect them is paramount.

Call-Backs Maintain Data Integrity

Having reliable data and statistics is an important part of running a contact centre. These are used to properly forecast and schedule your agents so that your service goals are met. Voicemail can make a mess of this. Tracking AHT, ASA and even volumes can become a painful manual task or at the least causes work to find a way to track automatically. So do you treat responding to voicemails as its own type of work? This is not ideal, as it’s work that can be avoided if you were staffed properly in the original skill(s). Having customers utilise call-backs means you can keep all of your statistics as is, the call is treated as if the customer waited on hold until they were called-back and the agent began to resolve their issue with them.

 Multiple Calls from the Same Customer? Ouch.

With the lack of confidence in voicemail comes customers waiting for what they deem to be a suitable period before they attempt to call again. This can lead to multiple calls being made by the same customer. There are implications to this. For one, they may actually eventually get through to an agent and have their issue resolved. The voicemail(s) left will still eventually be actioned by someone, being a waste of time is already satisfied. Another implication is that there is no way to group voicemails by the same customer, so the first voicemail is actioned but the subsequent still need to be listened to to verify that their issue has been resolved. Another waste of time.


Veridian Solutions have implemented call-backs for customers across different industries, contact us if you would like to learn more.

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