Artificial Intelligence – Key Considerations

We recently posted about Artificial Intelligence and Chat Bots, explaining some of the basics around these emerging Contact Centre solutions. When determining how your Contact Centre can benefit from these there are some key considerations about that are important to keep in mind, we’ll go through these here.

Artificial Intelligence  – Helpful Considerations

When considering what Artificial Intelligence, or A.I, can do for a Contact Centre, questions inevitably arise around how it can be used, how it should be scoped and what/should will be replaced as a result. All of these should be framed by using the following principles:

  • A.I should = self-service, how often is this not the case? The customer is getting the answer they need or fulfilling a process without human interaction. If the customer needs to interact with another human because the self-service process failed, this can be an indicator that A.I cannot replace the process or that there’s room for improvement in the A.I.
  • The nature of the replaced process. Looking at your business and the complexity of the process that’s being replaced with A.I is important. Will the process take significantly longer when dealing with A.I than dealing with a human? Does the margin of error increase to an unsuitable level no matter how intelligent the A.I is?
  • What are you trying to achieve? Is the key driver for looking at A.I the ability to offer your customers more options? Is it reducing human interactions due to compliance breaches? Is it lowering your FTE and associated costs? This is one of the most important guiding principles and having a clear goal and keeping it front-of-mind helps greatly.

How much an organisation pays attention to these principles can be the difference between a successful implementation of A.I and one that does not achieve anything.
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