AI and Chat Bots – The Way Forward

Most people in today’s day and age have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence” or “A.I”. What some people don’t realise as it’s all around us in our day-to-day lives. Netflix, Siri, Pandora…these are examples of commonly used products that use A.I. So what is A.I exactly? And how can we use it to move our contact centres forward into the modern age? Chat bots are a perfect example that we’ll explore here.

What is A.I?

Artificial Intelligence is, quite simply, intelligence that is man-made. It can be applied to a wide range of fields, and for us in the contact centre industry it can be applied here too to great effect. With Customer Experience (CX) being such a focus for organisations today, being able to customise a customer’s experience in trying to contact an organisation by giving them support that responds to them personally is a huge advantage. A.I can help achieve this. Enter chat bots.

What are chat bots?

Based on an organisation’s web page, chat bots interact with customers via web chat to help them get the answers they’re after. Successful chat bots come across as actual humans, chatting to the customer while they search for what they want and helping to guide them to where they want to go or giving them the answers they’re searching for. Artificial Intelligence is a key part of chat bots, needed to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

Why use chat bots?

Apart from the obvious savings to FTE by reducing calls and emails into your contact centre, chat bots offer customers a tailored way to get the answers they want. For those who find it easier to jump online onto a website rather than a phone (Millennials in particular!) but who don’t quickly find what they need, chat bots are a great way to help them get there. Through clever use of A.I, customers find the chat experience not only giving them what they want, but in a personable manner that is a great reflection of the organisation. They can even be set up in such a way that they automatically initiate a conversation after a certain period of time, so they’re not always in the customer’s face if they’re not needed.


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