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Our mission

Veridian strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business and communication with out clientele. We aim to provide customised solutions that add value to projects and help businesses further achieve their objectives.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the service provider of choice for Australian companies in their quest to improve service to their customers. We want our clients to kick productivity and efficiency goals and we believe we can help them do that by guiding them in the right direction with our up to the minute knowledge of the available technologies and business systems.

Our commitment to sustainable development and CSR

Veridian Solutions has an enduring commitment to protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety of our employees. We recognise that the environmental footprint of our business activities extends beyond our employees to our suppliers, customers and the wider community.

Our Environmental Policy describes the ways in which Veridian Solutions’ “Green” initiatives contribute towards sustainable development.

As responsible corporate citizens, Veridian Solutions strongly believes we have an active and vital environmental role, and a commitment to work with all stakeholders. Veridian Solutions encourage all team members to use as little natural resources as possible. We include recycling bins in Veridian Solution’s offices, encourage our employees to think before they print, to carpool whenever possible and to undertake environmental initiatives in their everyday lives.

Keeping our planet healthy is as important to us as keeping our employees healthy.

Commitment to equal opportunity in the workplace

One of our values is meritocracy. As a founding principle meritocracy means that advancement in our organisation is based on individual ability and a person’s achievements.

“We are committed to maintaining an organisation with an open, supportive environment and tools to facilitate progression. We believe in supporting, promoting and advancing all persons who have taken responsibility, established a track record and built a reputation among their peers, subordinates and superiors.”

Commitment to occupational health and safety

Veridian Solutions provides a healthy and safe workplace environment that meets all legal requirements.  We insure the health and safety of our employees both on and off site.

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